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Guest Post at the Sweatervest Chronicles In which I lay out a couple of reasons to vote No to the proposed marriage amendment here in MN.

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Thursday Blogroll

I’m thinking about using Thursdays as a day to present the thoughts of others.  Hits will determine if this is something I should do weekly, or if it’s best as an occasional feature.  Some of these are newish, the last … Continue reading

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Identity: Bisexual or Ally?

{Two brief notes on language: 1) I use the term “queer” (and occasionally “teh queer”) as a general umbrella term for the LGBT population. I understand that for some people, particularly people older than I am, the word “queer” has … Continue reading

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Camels With Hammers Show 9/23/2012

Happy Bi Pride day, everybody! Permalink to our discussion. Katie’s section is particularly interesting, as her identity development as an atheist mirrors queer identity development. This will end up being the subject of a future blog and possibly another … Continue reading

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Video Chat on Camels With Hammers at 9:00 CDT

Watch Here! This morning, I’ll be part of a live conversation with Dan Fincke of Camels With Hammers (which will be available later on as well, I’ll post a link to it then) and other members of the St. Cloud … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading! “[…] I walked back to my cubicle, shocked that, at an LGBT organization, anyone would assume that anyone else was straight. It surprised me that, in a space where identity politics and queer issues were discussed regularly, being in … Continue reading

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Everyone is Not Bisexual, or, Kinsey is not the last word in research

Most of the myths about bisexuality come from the monosexual community. There are people who embody most of them – that’s how stereotypes become stereotypes, after all. There are effeminate gay men; there are lesbians who view anyone who has … Continue reading

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The Monogamous Bisexual

Two of the biggest problems faced by bisexual people are homophobia – and for bisexuals, the homophobia in the non-queer community includes some specific issues of biphobia, as well as the biphobia from within the queer community – and bisexual … Continue reading

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Short informative post:

Please note that the fun, informative, thought-provoking blog Camels With Hammers has moved from Free Thought Blogs to Patheos.  The link at the side on the side of the page has been updated.

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What’s Up With That? Bisexual visibility, LGBT, and labels (Queer 201)

First came the Daughters of Bilitis and the Mattachine Society.  Then came Stonewall.  Now, June is Pride Month because a bisexual activist named Brenda Howard thought it should be.  As bisexuals, we have a tendency to disappear unless we take … Continue reading

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