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The Big One, or, How Many Times Do I Have To Say This?

This is the big one. This is the misconception about bisexuality that is used every day to harm us. For the most part I have gotten away from the kind of “mythbusting” that basically every bisexual activist starts out by … Continue reading

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Anger-shaming, Strawmen, and Hurt Feelings

Part One: No Apologies Hello again. Last time we met, I appear to have said some mildly negative things about a very large group of people, and talked a bit about the dynamic of that in the context of privilege/oppression, … Continue reading

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Dear Straight People

HI. I’m talking to you. You’re a staunch Ally. You support your Queer friends, you support laws that are directed at recognizing our equality (not giving us equality, but recognizing that condition, an important and subtle distinction, right?). You’re doing … Continue reading

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Whose Pride?

Part One: Pride It happens at every Pride. There’s always an Identity Shout-Out. Sometimes it’s part of a comedy routine, sometimes it’s an affirming introduction, sometimes it’s just there because it has to be. “All the straight people, raise your … Continue reading

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Allies Who Are Not Allies

There are always things floating on the web that serve to call out people who think they are Allies, who proclaim themselves Allies, but who don’t actually help. Who actually make things worse. If you are an Ally who is … Continue reading

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Your Own Kind

One of the omnipresent attacks on bisexuals is that they will always break their partner’s hearts, because they will leave them for someone of the opposite gender. I mean, how could someone who uses an identity label indicating attractions to … Continue reading

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