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A Quick Look At Biphobia In Dominant Culture, or, Why Bisexuality Threatens Guys Who Say Things Like “No Homo”

The vast majority of the prejudice and hatred bisexuals face is from the dominant culture and it’s precisely because of the ways we violate the heteronormative. In fact, it’s not just because of our same-gender desires. There’s more. Straight men … Continue reading

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First Fliponymous Podcast! “Biphobia Old and New, or, An Angry Bisexual With a Webcam”!

I’ve turned the preceding post into a video. If people like it, I’ll do more, if people hate it, I’ll do less. Let me know how you feel about this format as an addition to the printed word, and if … Continue reading

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Old Biphobia and New, or An Angry Bisexual With A Keyboard

There were two things that happened this week that, while not causally linked, illustrate several of the problems biphobia presents not only for us bi folks, but for the entire LGBT community. The first was the reprinting of a Savage … Continue reading

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