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Originally posted on Bi radical:
It appears that not enough people are aware of the existence of academic bisexual theory. As a Facebook friend of mine reported today: I went to a queer theory website, looking for bisexual queer theory,…

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The Borg and The Queer

[On language: in order to keep the rating of this page as inclusive as possible, I have made a couple of clearly marked substitutions of words considered “adult” in some of the material quoted herein. I do not find the … Continue reading

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Anger: a couple of people have pointed out to me that sometimes my tone comes across as, well, hostile. I admit it – I get indignant sometimes, when I read things like Bonnie Kaye’s statement in her recently published book … Continue reading

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This is a must-read, possibly the best explanation of the reasons for the push-and-pull of identity labels within the non-monosexual community, the reasons why bisexual is NOT a dirty anti-trans* word, and a call for unity. Wish I’d written it. … Continue reading

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What Should Be In A Word?

Hey, take a look on the Guest Poet’s page! Something (and someone) delightful awaits you there. Poet Mary Kasimor has been published in print and online journals, including Mad Hatter’s Review, Yew Journal, Big Bridge, Reconfigurations, Moria, Certain Circuits and … Continue reading

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Biphobia: Yes, Virginia, It Does Exist

Is the election over? OK, time to get back to business. First off, the inevitable words about terminology. Homophobia and the words that have derived from it, biphobia and transphobia, are words that describe hostility, discrimination, and hate, not clinical … Continue reading

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Guest Poet #1 — Judy Thompson

I’m currently working on four projects. One is research that I am getting ready to launch regarding mixed-orientation marriages. One is an article about biphobia (I’m about a thousand words in). One is taking a university’s Safe Space program to … Continue reading

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My Salsa Recipe (by popular demand)

This is actually simply my recipe for salsa — I can’t be serious all the time. First, you need tomatillos and some other kinds of tomatoes — enough to fill your pan. Romas work well but I’ve had a lot … Continue reading

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Mythbusting: the Barsexual

A note on language: this article uses binary gender language because it deals with two closely related myths about bisexuality that are particularly relevant in situations that entail binary constructions of gender. These are myths that are particularly different for … Continue reading

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