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Coming In From The Cold

Cue music. Coming out is a profoundly personal act. The very first coming out experience is to yourself. When you choose to come out to the world, it is empowering – you are saying “This is who I am, and … Continue reading

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Inclusive v. Exclusive: or, Mincing Bisexual Part Two

I’m going to talk about the same thing here in a few different ways. I’ll pull the threads all together at the end. It’s not going to be unfamiliar to those of you who’ve been reading other articles here – … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading

A short post today to highlight some of the other blogs and people I follow, people who you may enjoy reading as well. Everyone on my blogroll over there to your right is well-worth your attention or they wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Marriage, by Victoria Adams

This is a special guest post giving a Christian perspective on marriage equality from my friend Victoria Adams at Victoria’s Reading Alcove. Victoria is an accountant and financial analyst by profession. Over the years she has been involved in pottery, … Continue reading

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Bisexual Identity Development, or, You’re Out Of Your Box

There are many identity development models for gay and lesbian people out there, and the Cass Identity Development Model is one of the most familiar – for example, the Cass Model is the only one I have ever run across … Continue reading

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We’re all in this together

Tonight, instead of working on my new article (a look at bisexual identity development), I went to my school’s GBLT Alliance group to present on bisexuality. It was a blast. I hung my bi flag on the wall, and wore … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Blake Croissant on Transphobia

This is a special guest post by my friend Blake. I was going to put it on the “Your Stories” page, but decided that this piece deserves front page treatment. So I turn it over to him: As a queer … Continue reading

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