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Whose Pride?

Part One: Pride It happens at every Pride. There’s always an Identity Shout-Out. Sometimes it’s part of a comedy routine, sometimes it’s an affirming introduction, sometimes it’s just there because it has to be. “All the straight people, raise your … Continue reading

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Out, Proud, Bi

Today, September 23d, is Bi Pride Day/Bi Visibility Day. This is the fourth such Bi Visibility Day that I have been out and proud. Here are some reasons why I make an effort to be visible, and why I take … Continue reading

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‘Ally’ Is Not An Identity

Originally posted on the (shaan)anigans.:
A series of interactions on Facebook and Twitter have left me a bit jaded and cynical when it comes to people who call themselves “allies.” It seems as though these people have missed some…

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Allies Who Are Not Allies

There are always things floating on the web that serve to call out people who think they are Allies, who proclaim themselves Allies, but who don’t actually help. Who actually make things worse. If you are an Ally who is … Continue reading

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