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Scriptive, or, There Is Trouble In The Forest

You can’t fight biphobia by erasing yourself. That’s what they want you to do. Trailhead There are a few different trails I want to explore today. Let’s walk, you and I, arm in arm, and not worry so much about … Continue reading

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ASD: Stimming

Today I’m not going to be doing Bi Queer Theory. We all have intersectional identities, and it’s easy to forget that when you’re talking to someone who is very active in the Identity Politics of one facet of themselves, that … Continue reading

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Responding to Hate.

Originally posted on Some Assembly Required:
So you know how I wrote that article on transphobia in October?  Well, someone has sent this comment in. Given that my post appeared on my friends blog, I wanted to put my thoughts…

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Even Aud: “Being An Activist Is Not A Pass At Disney Land: Why being an LGBTQ Activist Does Not Give You Access To Trans Spaces”

Originally posted on An Odd Rey:
I’ve noticed a very upsetting trend recently. The idea that if you are an  cis LGB activist or cis het LGBT ally you are through your work then rewarded with access to trans* only…

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Some Links Of Note

Time to highlight some of the good stuff out there. First, my friend Blake, author of the first guest post in this space, continues to spread his blogging wings. Check him out here. An older one from Aoife O’Riordan that … Continue reading

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