‘Ally’ Is Not An Identity

Someone else’s thoughts on the issue of Allies who don;t act like Allies.

the (shaan)anigans.

better ally

A series of interactions on Facebook and Twitter have left me a bit jaded and cynical when it comes to people who call themselves “allies.” It seems as though these people have missed some very important memos about what that word really means, so I am here to clear the air.

  1. You are not above reproach. Just because you’ve volunteered a few times or occasionally speak out against discrimination does not mean you can do no wrong. I’ve grown tired of telling so-called allies that something they did or said was problematic, only for them to say “I’m not being cissexist! I LOVE THE TRANNIES!” or “I’m totally not homophobic. I speak out against homophobia all the time.” You may speak out against discrimination, but having been socialized with privilege you are still bound to have some discriminatory ways. Own up to it and correct it. As a Twitter follower…

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