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The Big One, or, How Many Times Do I Have To Say This?

This is the big one. This is the misconception about bisexuality that is used every day to harm us. For the most part I have gotten away from the kind of “mythbusting” that basically every bisexual activist starts out by … Continue reading

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Bisexual Identity Development: Perspectives, Similarities, and Contrasts

“Bisexual Identity Development: Perspectives, Similarities, and Contrasts” is an academic paper rather than an informal blog post. Portions mirror my previous post, Bisexual Identity Development, or, You’re Out Of Your Box Enjoy. (A note on language: in modern usage, the … Continue reading

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A few words on identity development

Water. Shelter. Food. Survival concerns, the base of the well-known pyramidal hierarchy of needs. Self-actualization is considered the peak, the top of the structure. However, I don’t think the hierarchy, the pyramid, is as stratified as all that. I think … Continue reading

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