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Unbridled Commercialism

Now available at — a collection of articles drawn primarily from this blog, but including material from a couple other platforms and a couple previously unpublished pieces. This ebook is economically priced ($5.99 USD) and available now. Queerer Theory: … Continue reading

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Autism From The Inside

Due to the time of year, I don’t have a new article. However, this piece from a year ago (October 2011) is still relevant and I think you may enjoy it. By the way, it happens to have nothing to … Continue reading

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Brief Notes After The Apocralypse

I’ve borrowed a word from the always sharp and always funny Sir Terry Pratchett for my title, a portmanteau of Apocrypha and Apocalypse. The world, contrary to the hopes of those who wanted to stop it so they could get … Continue reading

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Expanded platform

Hi, Fiponymous fans! I’ve expanded my audience (in no small part because of your response here, as well as nudging and help from people in other spaces) and will be blogging at Huffington Post — but that doesn’t mean I’ll … Continue reading

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Feminism and Allyship

Part one: The Feminism of the Male-identified Feminist I love the Everyday Feminism site. It’s an invaluable resource for male-identified feminists (well, for feminists of all genders, really). I’ve been thinking a lot about feminism lately. I’ve read some really … Continue reading

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Intraqueer Oppression

One of the ideals of, the reasons for coming out ā€“ an idea that I have repeated in other columns ā€“ is to reach out and become part of an open and welcoming community. The reason I keep stressing how … Continue reading

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For Bi Guys On The Threshold

(A note on language and inclusivity: I typically use a lot of specialized language like cisgender and heteronormativity, and do stuff to ensure that Iā€™m specifically inclusive of asexual and transgender people, but in this article I am focusing on … Continue reading

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