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That’s Not So Gay, and Assimilation Television

Part One: Find Another Word So I’ve had more than one straight person tell me about how calling something “gay” to denote its unworth is not intended as a slur against LGBT people. It had sort of faded recently, or … Continue reading

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Required Reading about feminism

http://www.patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism/2013/01/on-feminism-gender-roles-social-constructs-and-biology.html Seriously, you should read this. Trust me.

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Unbridled Commercialism

Now available at Amazon.com — a collection of articles drawn primarily from this blog, but including material from a couple other platforms and a couple previously unpublished pieces. This ebook is economically priced ($5.99 USD) and available now. Queerer Theory: … Continue reading

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Feminism and Allyship

Part one: The Feminism of the Male-identified Feminist I love the Everyday Feminism site. It’s an invaluable resource for male-identified feminists (well, for feminists of all genders, really). I’ve been thinking a lot about feminism lately. I’ve read some really … Continue reading

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Intraqueer Oppression

One of the ideals of, the reasons for coming out – an idea that I have repeated in other columns – is to reach out and become part of an open and welcoming community. The reason I keep stressing how … Continue reading

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The Denigration of the Feminine

When I was a kid, I read several times through the books put together from Art Linkletter’s popular TV shows House Party and Kids Say The Darndest Things (not Bill Cosby’s anemic modern version, but the classic of live television). … Continue reading

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