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The Value Of Two Cents, or, I’m Dealing With My Own Change So You Can Keep Yours

(This began on Facebook. The question was a real question.) You know what I can live without? “Although this is an internal discussion within a marginalized community I am not a member of, here’s my 2 cents!” We already know … Continue reading

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More Thoughts On Labels, or, Sisyphus Unchained

Wow, what a start to the year. I’ve got a few things on my mind, and some of this may be familiar to people who follow me on FaceBook (in other words, I worked out a lot of this in … Continue reading

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Anger-shaming, Strawmen, and Hurt Feelings

Part One: No Apologies Hello again. Last time we met, I appear to have said some mildly negative things about a very large group of people, and talked a bit about the dynamic of that in the context of privilege/oppression, … Continue reading

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Whose Pride?

Part One: Pride It happens at every Pride. There’s always an Identity Shout-Out. Sometimes it’s part of a comedy routine, sometimes it’s an affirming introduction, sometimes it’s just there because it has to be. “All the straight people, raise your … Continue reading

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Scriptive, or, There Is Trouble In The Forest

You can’t fight biphobia by erasing yourself. That’s what they want you to do. Trailhead There are a few different trails I want to explore today. Let’s walk, you and I, arm in arm, and not worry so much about … Continue reading

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A Quick Look At Biphobia In Dominant Culture, or, Why Bisexuality Threatens Guys Who Say Things Like “No Homo”

The vast majority of the prejudice and hatred bisexuals face is from the dominant culture and it’s precisely because of the ways we violate the heteronormative. In fact, it’s not just because of our same-gender desires. There’s more. Straight men … Continue reading

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