Thursday Blogroll

I’m thinking about using Thursdays as a day to present the thoughts of others.  Hits will determine if this is something I should do weekly, or if it’s best as an occasional feature.  Some of these are newish, the last one is an old favorite from a bisexual activist who is a role model for me, in the sense that if someday I am 1/10th of the activist ze is, I’ll be doing great.

About fliponymous

Bisexual activist, thinker, writer, husband, father, Licensed Professional Counselor.
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6 Responses to Thursday Blogroll

  1. Miriam says:

    Thanks for the link! 🙂

  2. judyt54 says:

    You’re building something really fine here, Flip, as is Miriam, and Camels, and the others in this place. And having one day set aside each week (or whenever there seems to be a need) for other people’s voices is a terrific idea.

  3. kjell03 says:

    Should’ve said this forever ago, and forgot entirely. Thanks for the link!

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