Responding to Hate.

You tell ’em, Blake.

Some Assembly Required

So you know how I wrote that article on transphobia in October?  Well, someone has sent this comment in.

Given that my post appeared on my friends blog, I wanted to put my thoughts out there and respond to this.

This is proof that we live in a transphobic world.

Here is his comment, but I’m putting a trigger warning out there because this a pretty transphobic comment.

“The thing I most dislike about trannies is how impossibly rude and ill-bred they are. They don’t “get” that the FIRST rule of Polite Modern English is: “Never correct people.” If someone calls you a captain in the army and you are actually a boatswain in the navy, and he is evidently sincere in his misapprehension and means no ill by it–smile and let it go. The second rule is: “Never insist that people address you on your terms”–Who has ever known…

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