Elevator Conversation #1: A Sports Metaphor

One of the basic tools of the activist is the “elevator conversation” — a fast way to explain the issue that they are trying to communicate about. These conversations are potent and useful, because you simply cannot expect everyone to take the time to talk for hours or days (or to read 50,000 [or even 5000, or sometimes even 500] words) about an issue that is not their top concern, even if it’s something they should be concerned about. It’s also not going to do anything about people with a commitment to biphobia — no, this targets the people who wouldn’t mind getting it right if they just knew what right was, or simply would quit doing damage if they knew they were doing it.

Nope. The 30-second elevator conversation is not the final word or a sophisticated explanation; it is a seed, a beginning, something to get people to say “Huh. Hadn’t thought about it that way before.”

So here’s an elevator conversation to have when someone says that bisexuality doesn’t exist because everyone is either straight or gay. It’s not the only such conversation, and I don’t claim that it’s appropriate for every such claim. I’ll be putting up some different quick bits like this to handle variations on the theme and other issues.

This is, as I said, a conversation starter rather than an argument ender. Its virtue is its simplicity, and I will also do a video of this blog entry.

You’ve got your second base, and you’ve got third base. Although the Shortstop is between 2d and 3d if you just look at the physical position on the field, it is clearly a separate position, not “half 2d and half 3d”, and the Shortstop doesn’t start as the 2d Baseperson and then become the 3d Baseperson by moving through the Shortstop position, neither do they have the same duties and function on the field outside of the general responsibility of catching the ball and tagging out the runner if they can. Do the 2d and 3d Basepeople occasionally catch a ball that was aimed at the Shortstop, or vice-versa? Sure. Does the Shortstop sometimes hang out the entire game without touching a ball? Certainly. But that doesn’t make them not the Shortstop.

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Bisexual activist, thinker, writer, husband, father, Licensed Professional Counselor.
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