Recommended Reading

A short post today to highlight some of the other blogs and people I follow, people who you may enjoy reading as well. Everyone on my blogroll over there to your right is well-worth your attention or they wouldn’t be there, but there are a couple that are above and beyond, and they form a good place to start. A few of them may be considered NSFW by some, but that is not in and of itself a problem as far as I am concerned — I am sex-postive and while I endeavor to keep my blog as close to an “all audiences” standard of language, strong language and occasional (or even frequent) erotic imagery is not a reason to fail to provide links to them.

I’ve spoken about Natalie Clark before. Her new venue Coming In Loud And Queer gives a taste of her dynamic and informative style.

Shiri Eisner’s Bi Radical is bi and radical — and contains some of the most important ideas out there. Some of the posts on this blog are basic resources for my bisexual activism. She might inspire you, she might anger you, but reading her will always affect you and make you think.

If you’re interested in “psychology, politics, social justice, and pretty much anything else”, Miriam Mogilevsky’s Brute Reason is for you.

For me, someone on the autism spectrum and a Trans* Ally, Jack Ori’s SJA Advocate is chock-full of good stuff — and good resources for anyone who is or knows someone in these communities. And if you’re reading this, odds are pretty good you do.

And no list of recommended reading is complete without a mention of Dan Fincke’s Camels With Hammers. Nietzsche scholar, philosopher, atheist, and all-around deep thinker, I would not be blogging right now if I had never met him. So this is in a sense all his fault.

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3 Responses to Recommended Reading

  1. Miriam says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! I will definitely check out the rest of these as well. Except Camels with Hammers, which I already read. 🙂

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